What is hunterbook?

hunterbook is a platform to find job and career opportunities in leading companies, focused on expanding in a globalized world. Our platform will help you connect with top companies for work, work that builds toward your future.


Who Should Apply hunterbook?

■who wanna be challenged

■who wanna build their professional resume

■who wanna develop global skills

■who wanna engage in a universal dialogue

Why choose our platform?

Our people-centered approach aims to build your profile and competitivity in a global market. You can find your options whenever wherever you want via our platform for free.

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To get information on an employer, you can sign up for free. It takes less than 1 minute! After you sign up, you can connect with your future company and get all the job-specific information you need.



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When you sign up, our platform matches your profile with several companies. We select the companies that best suits your need from our database of over 10,000 companies.

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After you have made a profile, our Concierge helps you find a job. They will teach you how to write a resume, ace an interview, all tailored for your individual needs.

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We match you with companies that meet your career goals. We will support you in your search.


You will be able to schedule an interview with a prospective employer. After you select which companies you’d like to work for, the companies will contact you to schedule an appointment. (You can choose for an online or in-person interview.)

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Congratulations! You have now secured interviews with employers. Good luck! We are always here for another job search.

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